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Lidstone Underfloor Heating - Providing you a service you can rely on
JH Lidstone is a local firm with a national reputation, a progressive company but one which respects traditional values. Formed in 1963 and named after its founder, Jack Henry Lidstone, it is now run by his son and grandsons- a family business that has provided a personal touch for over 40 years.
Underfloor Heating Plymouth
Underfloor Heating
We can supply and install under floor heating in your home, regardless of your flooring type.
Find out more about under floor heating
Plymouth Underfloor Heating Devon
Higher levels of insultion mean your home will be more efficient and cost effective & keeps the warmth in your home,
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Underfloor Heating Plymouth
We make sure your home is run how you want it to be when we install underfloor heating.
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Plymouth Underfloor Heating Specialists
Specialist Flooring
We know what will and won't work with underfloor heating and will advise you as to what you can have.
We offer a comprehensive flooring service
Underfloor Heating Specialists Plymouth
Renewable Integration
Using other renewables along side your underfloor heating will benefit in the long wrong. Find out how.
Our renewable integration
Plymouth Underfloor Heating Specialists
System Design
We create a bespoke design for all clients to ensure the undefloor heating is as efficient and cost effective as it can be.
How we design your UFH
J.H.Lidstone Underfloor Heating
We are one of Devon's leading underfloor heating specialists boasting 50 years of experience in heating. We are not like most companies, as we can also offer you other important services such as screeding, bespoke designs and renewable integration and flooring.
Plymouth Underfloor Heating Specialists Plymouth Underfloor Heating Underfloor Heating Specialists Plymouth

Underfloor Heating

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Underfloor Heating
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Underfloor Heating
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Underfloor Heating
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